Parade Rules & Regulations

The Fairburn Parade is part of the annual Fairburn Fall Festival. This traditional day of family fun includes entertainment, food concessions and carnival games. The parade begins at 9:30 am at Georgia Military College and travels east on W. Broad St through downtown Fairburn, ending at Church St.

Any individual, organization, group, business or other entity that desires to participate in the parade must submit an application. All forms must be completed in their entirety and received by the Parade Committee prior to the deadline. An applicant is not accepted into the parade until written confirmation is received from the Parade Committee.

The Parade Coordinator will evaluate each parade entry to determine its appropriateness into the parade. The City of Fairburn reserves the right to reject any entry (at any time prior to assembly, at assembly, or during the parade) deemed inappropriate. Upon acceptance, all entries must agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Parade Committee. Parade Marshals will be stationed along the route to review and enforce said rules. Immediate action will be taken to correct any rule violations.

Corrective action may include dismissal from the parade.

Parade application deadline has been extended to: Monday, August 25, 2014, 5:00 p.m.


1. All parade entries must observe parade rules and regulations, and local, state and federal laws.

2. ABSOLUTELY NO materials may be handed out or thrown along the parade route. Distribution of gifts, merchandise, literature or other items, is prohibited. The listed items can be distributed along sidewalks (outside of parade barricades) to spectators. Participants found tossing materials to spectators will be removed from the parade route and are subject to the laws of the City of Fairburn.

3. Possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances is strictly forbidden. The police will be notified of suspected violations. Offenders will be removed from the parade and are subject to arrest and prosecution.

4. Drivers of all vehicles in the parade must have a valid driver’s license and be at least 18 years of age and show proof of insurance upon request by parade officials or police.

5. Continuous forward movement ONLY is required of all entries. No stopping is allowed. Entries must not interfere with the parade flow or any other parade entry.

6. Entries must maintain a distance not to exceed 20-25 feet (1 car length) between each parade entry and remain in the center of the street.

7. Only approved vehicles are permitted on the parade route unless approved by the Parade Committee.

8. All walkers must be able to keep the parade pace. Suggested age for walkers is 6 years and older.

9. The use of firearms or fireworks is prohibited –this includes caps.

10. Improper use of the American flag is prohibited. “Proper” use of the flag is based upon U.S. flag policy set forth in the U.S. Code

11. All accepted entrants must sign and return the liability disclaimer form agreeing to indemnify the City of Fairburn, (its officers, directors, employees and agents) and hold them harmless with respect to any defense that they shall be required to make in connection with any claim or action arising out of participant’s involvement with the parade.

12. Unit leaders accept responsibility for the behavior of their respective members and parade participants.

13. All participants must complete a photography/videography release form and submit.

14. All forms must be filled out completely, signed, and received by the parade committee by 5:00pm on Monday, 25, 2014. No Application will be accepted after this date.

15. All units must arrive at the staging area at the designated time. Each qualified entry will receive a map of the staging area, parade number and the arrival time.

16. A sound system may only be used for approved vocal or background music.

17. Every application shall be reviewed by the Parade Coordinator and approved or denied. All decisions are final.

18. Parade entries may not deviate from the approved application, or they will be subject to removal from the parade.

19. The Parade Coordinator or his/her designee has the authority to enforce said rules and to remove any entry from the parade in violation of the rules.

1. Comply with rules 1 – 19 under General Rules & Regulations.

2. All cars must be convertibles (unless antique or classic). No closed cars, vans, buses, pickup trucks or T-tops unless they are used as the tow vehicle for a float.

3. Only one (1) vehicle per entry will be permitted. Float and tow unit are considered one (1) vehicle.

4. Car clubs are limited to ten (10) qualified vehicles. Qualified vehicles may be antique, classic or with similar make & model.

1. Comply with rules 1 – 19 under General Rules & Regulations.

2. Floats are not to exceed 13 feet in height or 16 feet in width. Maximum length is 50 feet. All floats must be skirted to cover the wheel and underside of the trailer/vehicle.

3. Floats should be constructed so they will be able to make all turns in the staging area along the parade route without impairing the forward movement of the parade.

4. Pick-up trucks are permitted to pull the float, however, riders are not permitted in the bed of the truck nor can a pickup truck be used as a float. A flatbed truck may be used as a float as long as the trailer is fully skirted.

5. Participants may not jump on or off a float while it is in motion.

6. Floats must have a regulated Fire Extinguisher on float and in pulling vehicle.


1. Comply with rules 1 – 19 under General Rules & Regulations.

2. Specialty and equestrian units will be reviewed and accepted based on uniqueness of entry and suitability to the parade.

3. Specialty and equestrian unit participants must be suitably costumed to coincide with the entry.

All two-wheel/mini-4-wheel-vehicles may perform 2/s, 4/s, figure 8′s, wedge or serpentine movements, provided the drill captain keeps his unit up tight and maintains the proper interval with the unit ahead.